Accounting, Payroll, Income Tax & Clerical Support Fees:

Fees Begin:   Service Description:
$185.00 Accounting Write Up (per accounting cycle) 
$  75.00 Payroll (per payroll cycle) 
$145.00 Payroll Quarterly Processing and Tax Filings 
$145.00 p/hr Auditing/Review Process
$  45.00 p/hr Clerical Support (photocopy,mailing,assembly & proofing)
$  35.00 p/hr Data Entry

Income Tax Preparation:
Fees Begin (*) Individual Returns:
$105.00 Individual Federal & State of Georgia (Short Form)
$250.00        Individual Federal & State of Georgia (Long Form)
$100.00        Individual Federal & State of Georgia (Sch C Attached) ADD To Long Form Fee

Fees Begin (*)     Business Returns:
$375.00 Corporate Federal & State of Georgia)1120C/600)
$450.00 Corporate Federal & State of Georgia) 1120S/600S
$450.00 Partnership Federal & State of Georgia
$450.00 Estate, Trust/Fudiciary Returns

Return Copies:
Misplaced your tax return copies?  Duplication Costs: 
Printed  Copies $45.00 (download & print 1st 15 pages; add $0.25 each page)
Emailed Copies: $25.00 Emailed: PDF Format
Return Copy Service is subject to a (2) day notice; same day service add $25.00

(*)Return preparation fees do not include charges for tabulation of business
income or expense items that is are not already  in summary total form or in the form of 
financial statements. This service is billed at a blended rate between the review process and 
data entry support at $75.00  per hour.

(*) Electronic tax filing fees are included for returns we prepare for prior "electronic filing" clients.  First time electronic filing clients are subject to a flat fee of $25.00 for electronic filing set up; (this administration fee is for forms and tax payer identification purposes). PLEASE NOTEwe do not participate in "refund anticipation loans"; but rather your return is filed with the IRS, and refunds will be directly from the IRS;  We can, however, arrange for your refund to be directly deposited into you banking account.

                           Typical Fee Schedule:
We will provide an actual quote before beginning service engagements. Please call for appointment 229-244-9988 to discuss your requirements.