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Internal Revenue Forms & Payment Center:
Form W-4 -------------Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate
Form W-9  ------------Request for Tax Payer Identification Number & Certification
Form SS4  ----------- Application for Employer Identification Number
Form 2553 ----------- Application for Election of Sub S Corporation
Form 8832 ----------- Entity Classification Election
Form 7004 ----------- Extension to File For Corporations/Trusts/Partnerships
Form 4868 ------------Extension to File For Individuals
Form 941 --------------Employer Quarterly Payroll Filing
Form 940 --------------Employer FUTA Annual Payroll Filing
Federal Tax ---------- EFT PAYMENT CENTER
Form 8879 ---------E-File Signature Authorization
Form W-7---------------Application for IRS Individual TIN
U.S. Citizens & Immigration Services:
Form I-9 ---------------Employment Eligilibility Verification Form
State of Georgia Forms& Payment Center:
Annual Renewals ---Corporate, LLC, LLP Annual Renewals
Georgia Tax -----------EFT PAYMENT CENTER
GeorgiaDOL1A-------Georgia Department of Labor Application to Register
GeorgiaDOL4N-------Georgia Department of Labor Quarterly Filing
GeorgiaIT-560---------Georgia State Extension Payment Voucher
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Accountants & Tax Practitioners