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Payroll Computations:
Last Minute Payroll Checks   >>>>>>Miscellaneous Checks

Interest Income & Expense Rates/ Payment Computations/NASDAQ Changes
Monthly Payments/Calculation >>>>>>      Amortization/Non Scheduled or Detailed

Current Prime Interest Rate >>>>>>>>>    Most Current Published Information

Todays Rates-National Averages >>>>>    Mortgage, Auto,Savings & Investments  
NASDAQ Changes  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   Check Current Stock Market Changes

Retirement Considerations:
Reverse Mortgage Information >>>>>>    Stay in your home, take out funds for
    living expenses, without mortgage

Installment Sale of Home or Business > Check out IRS Form 6252, which taxes
                                                                                      the sale of your property, on payments
   received..for more information call us
   for an appointment 229-244-9988

Other Financial Services:
Accountants & Tax Practitioners