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Automobile Sales:
D & D Auto Sales of Valdosta Inc Telephone 229-244-0021
Elder Auto Sales   Telephone 229-259-9542

Automobile Repair/Service:
Watson Transmissions  Telephone 229-245-0110 

Automobile Parts:
Salvage G.M. Parts of So Georgia  Telephone 229-247-2886

Building Specialty Contractors:
G & G Roofing        Telephone 904-344-0013 

Chiropractic Services:
Valdosta Chiropractic & Rehab       Telephone 229-247-2828

Charity Shops:
Hope Thrifts    Telephone 229-333-7663

Computer Maintenance & Software:
Circuitboard Computers  Telephone 229-249-9234

Entertainment/Band: Musicians:
The Fabulous Classics   Telephone 229-244-8404    

The Flower Gallery  Telephone 229-242-1001

Glacier Ice Fragrances     Telephone 229-469-1294

Real Estate Sales:
Sandra Danowski    Telephone 229-563-1429 
Danski Enterprises  Telephone 229-563-1429 

Real Estate Cleaning Services:
Property Solutions  Telephone 229-560-9988

Security Companies:
Superior Security Services, Inc Telephone 229-245-9660

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Accountants & Tax Practitioners
Telephone: 226-244-9988